Withdrawal From the Program

Circumstances may change, necessitating students to totally withdraw from the program. If this occurs prior to students going abroad, students should immediately notify the ACA office in Maryland and the following at their home campus: (a) the student finance office and financial aid office, (b) the modern language chairperson, and (c) the admissions office. These notifications are the responsibility of students. If any of the four offices is not properly notified, unfortunately students will have to bear any resulting consequences.

Students withdrawing early from any quarter must immediately notify the ACA office in the USA indicating the date of withdrawal from the program and expected date of arrival back home. Students must also ask the program director at their international school to send the ACA office in Maryland a notice of withdrawal indicating the final dates of the student’s attendance in the program.

ALL REFUNDS (including tuition, room & board, unused tour fees and any unused portion of the personal account deposit) are made by the international school directly to the student and must be received prior to the student’s departure. ACA is not responsible for refunds left uncollected by the student.

The total ACA charges for students withdrawing early will include the non-refundable $100 deposit plus a proration of the total term’s charges based on the length of stay in the program and in the dormitory as determined by the international school. Prepaid tour fees may not be refunded by tour providers and thus may not be refunded to the student. No refunds for tuition or room and board will be given after the student has completed ONE MONTH of the academic quarter.