Academic Planning & Credit Hours

As soon as students arrive to the home campus, they will all take a Language Placement Examination to access the appropriate course level for them to enroll in. Subsequently, they will learn the listing of courses corresponding to the level they qualified for. However, prospective ACA students should consider different ways in which the year abroad can coordinate with the current year and the year(s) upon return. The following questions should serve as a guide in this planning:

  • Which courses will duplicate credit already earned?
  • Which courses will or will not meet the general studies requirements at the home campus?
  • Which of the courses that will meet specific home campus requirements do so with qualifications?
  • Which general studies requirements can be taken abroad?
  • Which courses will be applicable to students’ majors or minors?
  • What is the maximum number of credit hours students may earn each term?

It is compulsory for all ACA students to enroll in a minimum of 12 quarter/semester credits; maximum load is 18 hours (or 20 hours with the written authorization of the home campus Registrar). The ACA Consortium policy does not allow the students to take more than 20 credit hours per quarter.

All guided field trips, including tours, are a required part of the instructional program. Students must participate in these field trips and tours. They are not optional.  No refunds will be given if students for any reason are not able to participate.

The home campus registrar’s office and ACA campus coordinator will be the best sources in answering most of these questions. Neither ACA nor the overseas schools can act as academic advisors for home campus majors and minors.

The college from which ACA students will ultimately receive their degree has the right to determine how a given course satisfies a specific degree requirement. Neither the ACA office nor any individual in the international school can indicate with certainty how a given course will apply. ACA students should obtain answers about their academic planning at their home university.