Admission to Adventist Colleges Abroad programs may be obtained only through an American academy, college, or university member of the ACA consortium. Although the international schools or the Director of ACA may deny admission to anyone, acceptance is initiated only by the consortium institutions in North America. This procedure assures validation of credits earned abroad and safeguards the integrity of the international schools.

The general prerequisites for admission to ACA are: A GPA of 2.0 overall for secondary and college/university students; a good citizenship record, which gives evidence of better than average maturity, adjustability, and congeniality; as well as a willingness to support Adventist lifestyle standards and participate in the spiritual activities of the international campuses.


Academy juniors and seniors wishing to receive college credit for the ACA Summer Language Program courses must apply for early admission at one of our SDA Consortium Colleges or Universities. The ACA application must then be submitted to and approved by the college or university admissions office before it is forwarded to the ACA office in Maryland.
Secondary school students from Adventist academies who wish to apply to the ACA summer program for academy credits (secondary credits) may apply through their academy. Minimum age is 15 years. Freshman and sophomore students are only granted secondary credits: 1 Carnegie unit or 10 semester hours.
Students from non-Adventist academies, colleges/universities, who wish to enroll in the summer program are accepted into the ACA summer program if they enroll through an Adventist college (for college credits) or enroll through an Adventist academy (for academy credits).

Please note that the admission process has to be completed and the student must have the acceptance letter from ACA before going to the foreign school or attending the program. Once students are accepted into the ACA international summer language study program, more detailed information will be furnished that should assist participants in completing plans for their international study and travel.


Transcripts for students registered through each academy/college, will be received by the ACA office from the international campuses, to be mailed to the appropriate academy/college. Academy units will be listed as either 1 Carnegie unit or 10 semester hours. College credits will be listed as nine or six quarter hours of college-level credit. Transcripts cannot be sent directly to a student, parent, or anyone besides the Registrar of the home institution.

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