High School/Academy Students


  • SOUTH KOREA (16+ years)


  • Minimum age 15 years old
  • GPA of 2.5 overall
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Good citizenship record (evidencing better than average maturity, adjustability, and congeniality)
  • Willingness to support Adventist lifestyle standards and participate in the spiritual activities of the international campuses


Admission to Adventist Colleges Abroad programs may be obtained through enrollment in an American academy, or college/university member of the ACA consortium. Enrollment in an SDA school in the U.S. assures the validation of ACA credits and safeguards the integrity of the international schools. If you are an independent student – not currently enrolled at an SDA school – contact us and we will do our best to help you enroll through an adventist school, so you can get more benefits for your investment.

To know how to apply, click here.

Note: All students, who are NOT regular students at one of the ACA Consortium colleges and universities, will need to submit an Unofficial Transcript as part of their application process. Once you start the ACA online application you will see instructions on where to upload such transcript. As soon as your transcript is approved by the ACA staff, you will receive a notification letting you know you may continue with the online application. We promise to do our part as promptly as possible. We advise you to allot time for this extra step. If you have issues, contact ACA.

Keep in mind that completing the online application is the first step of the application process. First your application needs to be approved by the school you are enrolling through, and then sent to ACA by the school. Students applying independently, because exceptionally there is a strong reason that prevents them from enrolling through either a university or an SDA academy, should send their applications directly to ACA – read more instructions below under “Payments”.

If you:

A) are an academy/high school junior or senior, and wish to receive COLLEGE CREDITS  for the ACA summer program, you must apply through one of our Consortium Schools. If not sure who to contact, email us we will direct you to the right person.

B) are an academy freshman or sophomore, and are enrolled at an Adventist academy, you only qualify to receive SECONDARY CREDITS. You must apply through your academy.

C) are NOT enrolled in an Adventist academy, but wish to apply to the ACA summer program contact the ACA office.

The admission process must be completed and the student must be accepted by ACA before making travel arrangements and departing to the school abroad.


Before being admitted by ACA, full payment must be made. Payment of advertised program price + application fee should be made directly to option corresponding to enrollment:

  • the college/university you are enrolling through;
  • the academy school you are enrolling through;
  • the ACA Office, if enrolling independently (only when none of previous options apply)

To the academies processing ACA applications – please collect payment and keep the application fee. That’s our way to say thank you for your collaboration! 😊

ALL ACA students are expected to pay the same prices + an application fee, as advertised on this website. Once you have collected all payments, mail us your students’ ACA applications + a check with payment. If processing more than one applications, you can send us one check containing total amount. If you have questions, contact us.

When paying directly to the ACA office – payment ONLY by check. Make your check out to Adventist Colleges Abroad and include the students’ name. Mail your check WITH the student’s application to: Adventist Colleges Abroad, North American Division of SDA, 9705 Patuxent Woods Drive, Columbia, MD 21046. Email ACA indicating the date your check was mailed.

Unfortunately, there are no discounts nor payment plans available at this time.


It is not possible to study with ACA for NO credit. All students will receive grades, which will be recorded on their transcripts. Transcripts for students registered through each academy/college, will be received by the ACA office from the international campuses, and mailed to the appropriate academy/college.

Academy credits will be listed as secondary credits. They are the equivalent to 10 academy semester hours or 1 Carnegie unit (depends on the system followed by your school).

College credits will be listed as SIX semester college-level credits. Click here for more information about credits and transcripts.

Transcripts will only be sent to the Registrar of the home institution. Students applying through an academy or high school, or a non-SDA university, are responsible for providing ACA with Registrar’s name + contact + school’s mailing address.


Teachers, parents, and chaperones, you are welcomed to join your students on their study abroad experience. And you may even be able to participate for free :) Ask us how!

If you would like ACA to visit or send promotional materials to your academy, email us.