Academic Year Program (Semester)

About the School

Middle East University (MEU) is in the unique position of being the only Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher education in the Middle East and one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in lebanon. MEU stratigically sits on a hill overlooking the city of Beirut–away from the busy streets, yet a stone’s throw away from the city. We are an international community where all persons are seen as of equal value irrespective of cultural background, race, or religious affiliation.

MEU is uniquely positioned to offer students of ACA consortium member schools the opportunity to study Arabic within its cultural context and to expose students to foreign cultures and diverse ways of living, in order to spark a fire within them to participate in mission and service in the future.

Middle East University is committed to excellence in teaching and in learning. This is exemplified by its accreditation from the Lebanese Ministry of Education as well as the Adventist Accrediting Association. Studying at MEU will provide the perfect backdrop on which students may paint their Middle Eastern experiences. Students and alumni consistently describe Middle East University as a warm, friendly, family-oriented atmosphere that provides an oasis, ideal for studying. As the World Church expands to fulfill its mission, it is important that the tool of relationship building is emphasized with this generation, especially with the people of the Middle East. Studying at MEU will provide the perfect opportunity. Additionally, as Arabic is an important language in the world, MEU’s offering could not be more timely. It is well known that the Middle East is characterized by its warm hospitality; we look forward to welcoming new members to the MEU family through the Adventist Colleges Abroad program. We welcome all students who are excited to take advantage of this opportunity.


Located on 30 hectares of quiet, green hillside, overlooking Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea, Middle East University is a non-profit, Christian, coeducational institution that was founded in 1939. North Hall is the women’s residence and South Hall is the men’s residence. Students live comfortably in recently renovated rooms that are equipped with wireless Internet, air conditioning and heating with available laundry facilities, cable TV and a kitchenette. Food services, including breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snack bar items, are available in the on-campus cafeteria.

Geographically, Middle East University peers into the past and looks toward the future. Safely situated on Sabtieh Hill, facing the cosmopolitan city of Beirut, MEU provides the opportunity for students to explore sites of historical significance, such as Byblos and Tyre, while learning about a culture that’s presently relevant to them and to the World Church. Guided tours, along with the study of Arabic, provides students with a new perspective on the Middle East and its inhabitants. Additionally, students have the opportunity to interact with other international students from countries, such as Sudan, Egypt, Jordan and Ukraine. Lebanon is a society with exceptionally low crime rates according to INTERPOL statistics, especially when compared with other countries in which ACA already has a presence, such as Brazil and Argentina. Additionally, Lebanon takes pride in once again being a desired destination for travelers. In 2009 New York Times listed Beirut as the number one location to visit and soon after The Guardian made a similar recommendation.

Safety Guidelines

Parents are often rightly concerned with sending their students to study languages in foreign countries, about which they have little familiarity. As such, we have built several safeguards into the program to facilitate communication with the students and to establish boundaries for the program participants. Upon arrival at the University, students will be given an orientation session to help them get accustomed to their new environment. Additionally, they will be given a pamphlet of Safety Guidelines that will set them up to have the most enjoyable time at the University and in Lebanon.

To ensure the safety of its residents, security personnel, who are instructed to permit only those with specific University business onto the campus, man the gate to the campus. After midnight, the gate is locked and is only accessible by remote controls, which are only issued to residents of the campus.

General travel within Lebanon is generally safer than most large metropolitan areas in America. Crimes, such as petty theft and assault are infrequent and uncommon. Nonetheless, to encourage caution, we recommend that students always travel with a buddy or a friend when leaving the campus.

Academic Program

As the native language of over 280 million people, one of the six working languages in the United Nations and one of 13 critical languages identified by the Department of State, Arabic is a language for which there is great demand. Arabic is the living medium of a vibrant contemporary literature and culture. It is also the language of Islam, spoken by over a billion people worldwide.

Middle East University (MEU) is in the unique position of being the only Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher education in the Middle East and one of the oldest institutions of higher learning within Lebanon. MEU is distinctively positioned to offer students of ACA consortium member schools the opportunity to study Arabic within its cultural context and to expose students to foreign cultures and diverse ways of living.

In addition to this, there is a great demand for schools that teach Arabic within the region and especially within Lebanon. Each year universities, such as American University of Beirut, Lebanese American University, and local institutions, such as Saifi Institute and Beirut Baptist Theological Seminary, attract foreign students from around the world. Students from Adventist universities, who wish to study Arabic, can find the opportunity to study at a variety of other schools. Currently, there is the absence of a significant Adventist presence in this market. Students should have the opportunity to study this language that is highly in demand within the safety of an Adventist university, just as they are able to at their home institutions.

The aim of Middle East University’s Arabic program is to expose students to Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is similar to, but easier than Classical Arabic. This range of Arabic is understood across the Arab world. The program at MEU aligns its learning objectives with the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


The textbooks, which are part of the “Al-Kitaab” series published by Georgetown University Press, are frequently used in Arabic language instruction to foreigners throughout the region and in the United States. This will make it much easier for students to transition from MEU’s program to others, should they wish to further their Arabic abilities. It should also be noted that “this textbook is used by Brigham Young University, who was selected by the United States Department of Education as the location of the national Middle East Language Resource Center, making the school a hub for experts on that region.”

Students should also bring a Hans Wehr Arabic Dictionary, which is vital to developing their Arabic skills.

Cultural Tours

Tour destinations include:

  • Cedars / Zahle
  • Shouf / Beiteddine / Mousa’s Castle
  • Jeita Grotto / Harissa
  • Sidon / Tyre
  • Baalbek
  • Jordan
  • Bsharreh
  • United Arab Emirates
  • National Museum of Lebanon

Visa Information

A visa IS required and will be obtained in the host country. Some of the necessary documentation will be issued by the ACA office. All information and instructions will be provided in the ACA official Admittance email.

Cultural Trips & Tours

Scheduled outings may include the following:

  • Baalbek
  • Beirut (Hamra, Zaituna Bay, etc.)
  • Byblos, Harissa and Jeita Grotto
  • Faraya (Ski Resort)
  • Jordan (Amman, Petra, etc.)
  • Sidon and Tyre
  • Southern Cedars
  • Turkey (Istanbul)
  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi)

Program Dates & Prices


Fall 2018
22 Aug
21 Dec
Spring 2019
23 Jan
17 May
Latest Departure ~ 19 May

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