Conditions for Remaining in ACA

Once ACA students arrive at the international school, they assume a multiple allegiance. As individual students from a college or university in Canada or the United States, they are representatives of their home country. At the same time they are residents in another country and students in one of its schools.

By the very nature of ACA, individuals in the program are first of all students of the college or university in the ACA consortium through which they applied. As such, they are subject to the academic, financial and citizenship requirements of the home campus. At the same time, ACA students are part of the affiliated international college/university and as such are subject to all its requirements. Failure to meet requirements in any of these areas at both the home and international  campus may be cause for removal from the program. In fact, any unacceptable behavior/immoral activities, breaking campus rules, will result in immediate expulsion from the program.

Students whose financial accounts are not kept current will not be allowed to attend classes or write examinations and will have to un-enroll from the program until such time proper financial arrangements have been made.

The administrators, teachers, and students in the international schools do everything possible to make ACA students welcome and their year among them a truly delightful experience. Living and blending with the group within its society and its culture can contribute tremendously toward the quality of students’ subsequent lives than even the learning of the language. ACA programs offer a learning opportunity which cannot be obtained any other way!