The class work taken during the ACA summer term or year is treated as credit from the home campus in North America. The affiliated school will send official records of the class work (provided the personal account with the school is not overdrawn) to the ACA office in Maryland. The ACA office in turn will pass the records on immediately to the Registrar of the member college or university through which students enrolled. All official transcripts to other schools or entities must originate from the home campus, not from international campuses.

All ACA programs are a complement of a higher education degree pursued at the home university in the United States. Therefore, if the student is transferring to a new institution of higher education, outside of the SDA system, it is advisable to not list the international institutions as schools or colleges attended. The ACA credits will be included in the home university transcript. ACA programs should be listed only as study abroad experiences facilitated and endorsed by the home university. For any questions or assistance with ACA transcripts, contact the ACA office.