Language Placement Exams

Students are placed in language and other courses on the basis of language placement examinations that are given at the overseas campus the day before classes begin in the Fall term. It is imperative that students arrive on their host campus in time to take the placement examinations and that they perform as well as possible on these exams in order to get the most out of their year abroad.

This is a serious examination, the results of which point to the level in which the students should be placed. However, if the student has already completed the same level in their home college or university they can advance to the next level by taking total responsibility for achieving passing grades in the higher level and by not holding back the entire class.

Spanish students need to have completed at least one year of college level or two years of high school level language study in order to be accepted into the academic year Spanish programs. Total beginners are welcome at all other academic year and summer programs.