Admission to Adventist Colleges Abroad programs may be obtained through enrollment in an American college or university member of the ACA Consortium. Enrollment in an SDA school in North America assures the validation of ACA credits and safeguards the integrity of the international schools. By the very nature of ACA, an individual in the program is first and foremost a student of the North American ACA Consortium college or university through which they apply. As such, the student is subject to the academic, financial, and conduct requirements of the home campus. At the same time, the ACA student is also a part of the affiliated overseas school and as such is subject to all of its requirements as well. Failure to live up to any of these guidelines may be cause for removal from the program. In case of dismissal from the ACA program, students are required to authorize ACA to inform their parent(s)/guardian(s).

How to apply

  1. CHOOSE your ACA program
  2. FILL OUT your ACA application below
  3. CONTACT the ACA office if you have application questions or issues
  4. PRINT it
  5. Recommended: CONNECT with the ACA campus coordinator at your university (you will need their signature)
  6. COLLECT all required signatures and SUBMIT your application to your university
  7. CONFIRM your passport does NOT expire before the end date of your ACA program
  8. CHECK your email for the ACA acceptance notification 🙂
  9. READ the instructions and ACT promptly!
  10. FOLLOW all the Important Notice guidelines listed above


Ready. Set. Go!

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