Personal Travel and Touring

ACA students are strongly advised not to travel alone. This is particularly important for students who have not had previous international solo travel experience. Furthermore, Americans and Canadians are not always admired by local citizens. It is wise to keep a quiet, low profile and blend with area travelers as much as possible. Problems in traveling in an unfamiliar city increase markedly after dark. Because of this, plan on arriving during daylight hours if at all possible. Luggage and travel items should be carefully guarded at all times. Do not rely on strangers to watch your belongings. Guard your carry-on bags and luggage in buses and trains, and in airports, train stations and bus depots even when you sleep.

WARNING:  While on host campus, traveling abroad, taking private or ACA tours, please protect your personal belongings like luggage, electronic devices, passport, cash or any valuables.  If these are  lost or stolen, ACA will not be responsible and such loss is not covered under insurance.