Friedensau Adventist University

Academic Year Program (Quarter)

About the School

Friedensau Adventist University is the oldest Seventh-day Adventist school for ministerial education in Europe, founded in 1899. The university is located 20 miles east of Magdeburg and about 8 miles south of Burg. Berlin, the capital of Germany can be reached within one hour by train or car. The school is surrounded by nature with a creek running through the campus. With a history of over a hundred years, Friedensau has developed into a place where students from different cultures meet and study together. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ plays an essential role in life at Friedensau as it helps to bridge culture differences. Students are invited to participate in spiritual activities during the week as well as on Sabbath.

Campus Life

Sports play an important role on campus, both outdoors as well as in the campus gymnasium. Intramural sports include tennis, soccer (soccer field with flood lights), volleyball, table tennis, basketball, aerobics, horseback riding, etc. Please keep in mind that shoes with dark soles may not be used in the gymnasium. There is also a fitness room available to the students. (Free for ACA students, on application.)

Students will receive a free “semester ticket” for regional buses and trains. A bus service links Friedensau to Burg or Möckern, where students can shop. There is also a small store on campus offering school supplies and everyday necessities. Students live in double or single rooms in our residence halls. Showers and bathrooms are on the floors or in the rooms. Students may also use the monthly shuttle to Berlin or use their semester ticket to go to Magdeburg or surrounding towns by bus or train.

Students have internet access in their rooms and in various classrooms and hotspots on campus. There is no additional charge for this service.


ACA students coming to Friedensau will fly into Berlin airport (TXL or BER), where they will be met by representatives from the school. There is no transportation fee for the first arrival or the final departure. A Notice of Arrival Form is available on this site and should be completed at least 5 business days prior to arrival.

Important: To stay in Germany for more than 3 months requires a student visa. You can apply for a visa in Germany.  For this purpose, you should take the following documents with you:  your valid passport, and the documents that ACA provided: (acceptance letter, medical insurance letter, financial guarantee letter); a biometric passport photo; and Euro 100.

Local Climate

Below is a table indicating the average high and the average low temperatures for September through June:

  • September — 22/7°C 72/45°F
  • October — 23/5°C 72/41°F
  • November — 12/-3°C 54/27°F
  • December — 8/-13°C 46/9°F
  • January — 14/-13°C 57/9°F
  • February — 16/-5°C 61/23°F
  • March — 18/-3°C 64/27°F
  • April — 19/4°C 66/25°F
  • May — 26/7°C 79/45°F
  • June — 32/6°C 90/43°F

Academic Program

International students attending the program at Friedensau Adventist University will be given a German placement test before registration in the fall quarter. On the basis of the test they will register for either the first or second level German language courses. Completion of the first level prepares students to take the standard Goethe Institute Examination (Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache). Those in the second level courses are expected to qualify for the TestDaF (Language Proficiency test for higher education) preparation course which begins around the middle of the second semester.

Students at the first and second levels complete their studies in three quarters. In addition to their requirements (20-30 hours), students at all levels take supplemental hours in a computer center using language software and independent studies in reading and literature with individual or pair discussions supervised by a teacher. If necessary, students will be tutored in special classes. They may take choir or private music lessons (requires additional fee which must be paid directly to the foreign school) and can participate in various on-campus activities such as ceramics, sports, crafts, cooking, or art. From the second quarter on, students of all levels can take part in classes offered by the schools of theology and social work as guest listeners (if schedule allows). These are generally basic courses. WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE HOME SCHOOL REGISTRAR, if the students fulfill the requirements for these classes, they can earn credit. In addition to a ‘pocket version’, we strongly recommend the students to bring a good language dictionary.

Certificates and Examinations

The fee for one final examination will be paid by the university. Students wishing to take additional external examinations must do so at their own expense. The German Language Institute at Friedensau prepares students for the following certificates and examinations:

  • German as a Foreign Language (Zertificat Deutsch als Fremdsprache): This diploma is offered by the Goethe Institute and the exam will be arranged by Friedensau Adventist University. By passing this examination, students demonstrate that they have a basic knowledge of the German language, that they are able to express themselves in daily life situations, that they can conduct simple conversations and understand native speakers, and that they can describe basic concepts of daily life orally or in written form. The examination consists of the following parts in writing: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, an essay, and grammar in use. It also includes an oral examination of language expression. The examination is passed successfully if at least 60 percent is reached in each section of the examination.
  • TestDAF:  The test is a language exam for foreign learners of German who plan to study in Germany or who require recognized certification of their language skills.  The TestDaf examination is developed and evaluated by the TestDaF institute based in Hagen, Germany.  All examination candidates receive the same assignments and the examinations are graded by trained markers.  Intermediate and Advanced students can take the TestDaF; the level of the TestDaF examination is equivalent to levels B2.1 to C1.2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.


GRMN 397 INTERNSHIP – 1,5 sh = total of 112.5 hours per semester

  • Research Assistant (Institute of Adventist Studies)
  • Social Work, Welfare and Counseling (non-Governmental Organizations)
  • Information Technology
  • Translation
  • ESL Teaching (TA)
  • Maintenance
  • Sports
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Pastoral Assistant

Cultural Tours

Three four-day major tours are included in the ACA program.  The students will visit the North German cities of Hamburg and Lubeck. Another tour takes them to Munich and Salzburg/Austria or the Western part of Germany (Heidelberg and the Rhine river) and finally they will experience the baroque city of Dresden and the surrounding spectacular landscape “Saxon Switzerland”. Students may also express special preferences which will be discussed by staff and faculty.

In addition, one-day excursions offered introduce students to the historic, cultural, and natural points of interest in the area. Saxony-Anhalt is rich in architectural monuments of the Romanesque style, of the Gothic period (the cathedral in Magdeburg are one to two hours away from Friedensau and are visited museums, concerts, castle tours, and other special cultural events.

All students must participate in the outings designated as ACA cultural tours. These tours are an integral part of the instructional program. Record will be taken and specific assignments given. Students’ completion of these assignments and positive participation in the tours will affect their overall grade in courses for which they are enrolled.

Program Dates & Prices


Fall 2018
14 Sep
14 Dec
Winter 2019
6 Jan
1 Mar
Spring 2019
17 Mar
9 Jun

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