Study Chinese in Taiwan

Taiwan Adventist College

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Summer Program

About the School

Taiwan Adventist College (TAC) is located in a rural setting about 15 minutes away from Sun Moon Lake. Situated on a spread of 125 acres of hills and valleys, in the midst of nature’s abundant beauty and fresh air. TAC houses the most pleasant and cordial atmosphere for Adventist tertiary education for young people from Taiwan and abroad. Taking advantage of China’s’ gradual return to the world community, Taiwan Adventist College has been active in offering systemic and yearlong pastoral and health worker training both in TAC campus and at different teaching center in China.
You are invited to join in the fun with the local students in all the activities, mountain climbing, hiking, shopping and visiting night market. There are many athletic activities available on campus. There is a gym for indoor sports, soccer field, swimming poor. Daily dorm worship, youth meeting, vespers and church services are all part of the spiritual life here on campus.

Ancient and Modern

Understanding another culture is essential in our daily activities and in the international arena. You will have opportunities to develop an intercultural competencies and understanding, especially during the many field trips you will be having in your stay here at TAC.  You will have a good grasp of the Chinese culture, knowledge and understanding, especially when you learn how to speak and write the language. You will have the opportunities to participate in the local spiritual and cultural activities, both in Taiwan and in China, enriching your faith and understanding of the Christian values. The real immersion in the local culture and experiences is beyond our imagination and thought.

Visa Information

A visa IS required, and necessary documentation will be issued by the ACA office. All information and instructions will be provided in the ACA official Admittance email.