Students who have completed ACA internships have seen their language skills improve exponentially as well as their understanding of the local culture. Furthermore, ACA internships allow students to be immersed in a real life work environment of the country where they are studying.

Summer programs do NOT offer internships. ACA Internships are an additional complement of the ACA academic year programs. Only full-time ACA students, fluent in the target language, qualify for internships.

Since ACA students come from many different majors, our internships are tailored to a variety of areas. Depending on agreements with local businesses and/or availability on campus, these are some areas frequently covered by internships:

  • Social work
  • Early and secondary education
  • Communications & Media
  • Business & Marketing
  • Medicine
  • Translation
  • Art
  • Chaplaincy
  • IT

Internship guidelines:

  • 1 internship credit = 75 hours per quarter or 7.5 hours per week. (1.5 sh = 112.5 hours per semester)
  • Internships are listed with course number 397 and prefaced with the code of the language studied (ex: ITLN for Italy)
  • Students need intermediate level in the target language in order to be eligible for an internship
  • ACA internships are unpaid

The benefits of completing an internship well surpass the investment made by the students. It will make your resume stand out of the crowd. :)