There is great enthusiasm among our students and the American Universities about this new ACA orientation, therefore, the ACA Board of Directors voted that all ACA programs should continue to offer internships which will enhance the programs and better prepare them for life. All internships will function in this manner:

  • 1 internship credit = 75 hours per quarter or 7.5 hours per week. (1.5 sh = 112.5 hours per semester)
  • All internships will have the same number 397.
  • The code will change according to the school. For example ITLN for Italy, SPAN for Spain and Argentina, etc. The title of the internship will not appear in the ACA bulletin, but in the transcript of grades
  • Students will attend classes in the morning and do the internship in the afternoon. They will need a certain level in the language in order to start doing that. This will be volunteer work with no remuneration and the students should not have to pay for the internship either.