ACA would like to affirm that we value each and every one of our students. However, in light of recent events, please allow me to address this simple but genuine message to our black students.

On behalf of all the ACA team, I want you to know that your story matters. Your voice matters. Your passions and dreams matter. And your pain and your trauma matter. Unquestionably, your life matters.

The burden of injustice that you carry, simply because of the color of your skin, matters.
Change must come. And we, the ACA family, want to be agents of change.
We want to be active in showing you that we hear you and respect your voice.

We are intentional about offering study abroad programs that contribute to changing perceptions and that encourage an appreciation for the differences that can enrich our collective experiences. Because the truth is, we believe in the power of education to improve our lives and the world around us. Starting by educating ourselves about our role in fighting injustice.

I pledge to you that the ACA team will not spare efforts to offer all our students equal opportunities for growth, learning, and the joys of international travel.

We cherish you.
We are listening.
We ask you to help us grow.
You belong in our ACA family.


Sandra Esteves
Sandra Esteves, PhD
Director, Adventist Colleges Abroad

P.S. Please do not hesitate to email us your stories, suggestions, or feedback at