Volunteer Service and Conversation Skills

One way to increase the opportunity for developing host country language skills is to seek a non-paying volunteer-type job with a family or at a community service organization in the international campus village or city. It is very difficult for students to obtain on-campus and particularly off-campus employment because of international labor regulations. (International students in Canada and the United States have the same difficulties.) Students may do “volunteer”, “go-for” work in offices or community service organizations, or tutor students studying English in a school setting. Contact the language program director about such job opportunities. Of course, such off-campus work is meant to complement classroom learning and campus activities, not substitute for or interfere with them.

Another way to become involved is to participate in outreach activities on Sabbaths or weekends. Students who plan some Sabbath School or church service programs to present at nearby Adventist churches will probably be very welcome to spend the Sabbath or the weekend and stay with the families who attend that church.