Travel Tips

Getting to Airports, Bus and Train Stations

Portions of students’ trips may involve air, bus or train travel. Getting to the right airport, bus or train station—in cities with more than one—can become a problem. If there is a subway going to the airport or station, take it, especially during rush hours. Taxis can be expensive and slow.  Beware of pickpockets and thieves in airports and even inside planes.  Keep your belongings with you at all times.  

Lost or Stolen Property

ACA Insurance does NOT cover lost or stolen property.  Neither ACA nor the International Schools are responsible for lost or stolen belongings even on campus.  Please keep your rooms and personal belongings secured and locked at all times.

Some Tips on Bus, Train or Subway Travel

  1. Ask someone—preferably a native—to pronounce the name of your destination in the foreign language so that you will recognize it when it is called.
  2. Be certain that the train and subway car boarded is going to the proper destination. At some point en route the train or subway may be split.
  3. Don’t get off before final destinations, unless certain of the specific time scheduled to be in the immediate station.
  4. Don’t throw a ticket away until you have passed through the exit gates at destinations. Tickets are permits to exit.