Personal and Travel Expenses

ACA students qualify for the International Student Exchange Card – ISE Card – an internationally recognized student ID for student discounts to cultural attractions, Eurail discounts, and more.  For more information, please visit,  This applies to Europe only.  

In planning for an ACA experience, it is very important that students budget money for personal travel. Although the program will provide quite a number of guided tours (ACA cultural tours incuded in the tuition), depending on the international campus. Students still need pockety money for laundry, food, personal articles, and travel during a year abroad. Students should budget according to their own plans. Personal travel is an important part of most ACA students’ life, and so is personal hygiene.

One way of getting additional travel is to join campus music organizations, sports teams, or witnessing groups. Students in these groups will be given free travel because they will be doing public relations work for their international schools.

During scheduled vacations and breaks there is an additional charge for food for students who stay in their residence hall rooms on the campuses and who eat at the food services. This is the same as policies in North American colleges. Students need to take money to cover expenses for traveling away from the campus or for staying on campus during the holidays (except for Universidad Adventista del Plata).