Medical Insurance Coverage

The ACA package includes accident and hospital insurance for up to 26 weeks following an accident or illness up to a maximum amount of $50,000 or for $7,500 accidental death or dismemberment. It is primarily intended to cover students while enrolled at the international school and for a reasonable length of time in traveling to and from the international campus. This allows for about two to three weeks before and following the school year. It does NOT cover normal dental work, eye examinations, glasses or prescriptions, mental illness, pre-existing conditions, or over the counter medications. It does, however, cover these if they are part of an accident or hospitalization. The ACA coverage will begin about two weeks before the arrival abroad and terminate about two weeks after departure from abroad.  Students planning trips outside of these time limits should arrange for other coverage. If an early return home is necessary, the coverage will extend for the time required for a reasonably direct trip home, but not to exceed three weeks. Upon arrival home, students should notify the ACA office immediately.

ACA insurance policies are secondary insurance designed to supplement primary insurance policies. They only care for immediate expenses abroad within the time and financial limits noted and do not allow for subsequent claims and coverage after a student’s return from the international campus. Please note that medical treatment for pre-existing illness or conditions, psychological counseling or treatment or self-inflicted injuries including, but not limited to, attempted suicide are not covered either by the medical insurance policy or by ACA.

Medical expenses that are not the result of an accident or which do not require hospitalization are not covered by the ACA insurance policy. However, some of these charges (except those noted above) may be paid by ACA from tuition fees.

In general, the international school will assume the responsibility for any medical services required while on the campus. The school will pay the bills and be reimbursed by the ACA office. Should students desire services at another facility or from another physician, students may need to pay the bill and be reimbursed by the ACA office within the limits of coverage. This will be true when students are on any personal trip and if the school has problems in paying for the service selected by students. Students will need to keep and submit receipts and medical care documents in order to be reimbursed.

In the event of any serious problem with the above procedure, CONTACT THE ACA OFFICE in the USA.