Where Can I Get More Information?

Throughout the school year ACA will attempt in various ways to answer specific questions regarding procedures preparatory to going overseas and what the affiliated schools are like.

At least once during the school year the Director of ACA will be visiting each of the North American colleges and universities of the consortium to meet with persons interested in the program. Questions concerning the program are welcomed by campus modern language departments of ACA consortium member colleges and universities and by the ACA headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Also, direct correspondence with students currently attending international schools is encouraged. The teachers in those schools have been urged to correspond with language teachers in North American institutions.

Once students are accepted into the ACA program, more detailed information will be furnished that should assist students in completing plans to go abroad. Each North American campus will provide an orientation program to prepare students for their international study experience. A part of the orientation program are videos about ACA, program information and advising sheets, travel-related information and information about building international friendships. Especially important will be materials necessary to obtain a student visa. ACA students must not leave their home country without obtaining student visas. Further information about the visa process is sent to each student with their letter of acceptance by the ACA main office in Maryland.