Arrival and Departure Dates

Students are expected to arrive on campus on the listed arrival date for each campus before the testing and registration dates. Each international campus requests that students not arrive or depart during Sabbath hours. International campuses will meet and return students to area airports or train stations if students inform them of their arrival and departure times. There is no fee for this service at the beginning and end of Academic Year. Students arriving early or staying on campus after the closing service may need to pay an additional fee each day for room and food. Most, but not all, international schools permit students to arrive two days early with no additional charges.

Arrival information should be sent directly to the international schools, at least five days before the arrival, by filling out the Notice of Arrival form on this site. This information is received directly by the international ACA office and someone from the school will be at the airport or train station to pick up the students. Students planning on an early arrival must check with their international school before purchasing their plane tickets.