Application Process

When applying to an ACA academic year program that requires a student visa, make sure you accommodate the time for the visa process into your summer plans. The ACA office will notify you and provide instructions/documents for the student visa. Some visas can take as long as 2 months (e.g. Spain). Apply as early as possible!

Note: Before applying for the academic year programs in Argentina or Spain, students must have completed either 2 years of Spanish language in high school or 1 year of Spanish in college. ALL other programs (first quarter of academic year + summer) accept students who are total beginners in the target language. There is NO language pre-requisite for the summer program in Spain.

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about applying to ACA:

  • I’m interested in spending a year (or a summer) abroad. What should I do first?
    Talk to the ACA coordinator on your campus – they can answer many of your questions and help you plan wisely. Don’t depend on 20/20 hindsight!
  • Is there a fee for applying to ACA?
    Yes – It is collected by your home school when you submit your completed forms to the Student Financial Adviser for signature.
  • I’m not sure which school I’d like to attend. Can I apply for a summer or academic year program at two different schools?
    No – Your application is processed through your home school and the ACA central office—NOT the foreign schools. And we only need to collect your information once. It’s not a competitive process, where you might get accepted to one international school before another.
  • Could I do a summer program in one place and academic year in another?
    Yes – If you would like to do this, you should choose both programs on the first part of the application. The system will generate separate forms for each school. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO APPLY SEPARATELY/AGAIN.
  • I started an application, but changed my mind where I’d like to go. What should I do?
    Call or email the ACA office – The system is designed NOT to allow you to change schools/sessions once you have started your application. But we’re happy to make those changes for you if necessary. Just give us a call or an email if you want to change schools or add a session.
  • The system won’t take my password. What should I do?
    Use the FORGOT PASSWORD link on the login age – If your password doesn’t work the first or second time, please use the password reset link. If that page says your email is not found, then you may not have registered on our new site. The system will generate a random password for you, and you can choose whether to copy it down in a safe place, or make up one you can remember—just note the security requirements.
  • How can I get back to an application I’ve started?
    Click the LOGIN button at the top right of the page   . . . OR
    Click the MY APPLICATION link on my STUDENT HOME page  . . . OR 
    Choose MY APPLICATION from the APPLY FOR ACA menu at the top of the page
    We’ve tried to make it easy for you, even on your mobile device.
  • I completed an application, but decided I don’t want to go after all. What should I do?
    Call or email the ACA office – Please be courteous to us and to our foreign school staff. They make plans based on how many students are coming.
  • What do I do when I have all four pages of my application completed?
    Take it to your school’s Student Finance office — The student financial adviser will collect your admission fee and forward the application to us.
  • How do I know when I’ve been accepted into my ACA program?
    You’ll receive a hard-copy acceptance packet from our office in the mail, with specific directions for what you need to do next.