Application Deadlines

Prospective ACA students should apply and complete all necessary arrangements as early as possible. Obtaining scholarship grants, passports and visas takes time and necessary travel documents and other arrangements can sometimes take several months. Planning what to take and what to leave at home should not be done in haste. Working out satisfactory financial arrangements may require more time than anticipated. In addition, the number of students that may be admitted is limited by the space available to ACA students at the international schools.


  1. ACA Applications are accepted from early February on
  2. Because of long processing time and visa requirements, please submit your ACA application to your home school by Monday, July 30, 2018.
  3. Brazil applications must be in the home school by June 4 (classes start in August).
  4. For the programs in Argentina, Austria, and Germany, applications will be accepted up until August.

Please take note of these deadlines,  it is very important that aware of these dates if you are planning to stay abroad more than three months, as you will most likely have to apply for a visa. Any questions regarding the ACA programs or Visas, must be directed to the ACA headquarters in Columbia, Maryland. Tel. (443) 391-7278 or email