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Beginning Mandarin I

4sh credits | offered Summer

This course is designed for students with very limited or no Chinese (Mandarin) background. The primary focus is on conversational skills with emphasis on competence and accuracy. Students will learn listening and speaking skills using creative approaches including song and drama presentations, in addition to the lectures. Basic Chinese culture, customs, and traditions are also covered.

Beginning Mandarin II

4sh credits | offered Summer

This course is a beginning course in Mandarin with emphasis on the fundamentals of pronunciation, structure, and conversational skills.

Chinese Culture, Customs, and Traditions

3sh credits | offered Summer

A study of the Chinese culture including language, food, arts, celebrations, beliefs and attitudes, taboos, and values in the past and present. There will also be succinct coverage on Chinese literature and philosophy. (This course will be taught in English.)

History of China

3 credits | offered Summer

This course explores the transformation of the political powers in China beginning with the founding of Chinese civilization to the Qing Dynasty. (This course will be taught in English.)

CHIN211, 212
Intermediate Mandarin

4, 4qh credits | offered Summer

Introduction to characters and writing system. Basic reading passages and writing of simple sentences on a variety of topics. Prerequisite: CHIN121, 122